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Short & Long Term Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding at Palm Meow, Inc offers the cat owner a great alternative to in home cat sitting or boarding your cat at a veterinarian's office. Palm Meow offers your cat a home away from home where s/he can get lots of individualized attention, have a room or a cat condo all their own and enjoy a chance to go outdoors in a screened enclosed area.

Boarding at Palm Meow can be for as long as is needed. You may need to board your cat if:

  • You are traveling for business or pleasure
  • You are having renovations done on your home
  • You are moving and want to make sure your are settled before you bring your pets to your new home
  • You are hospitalized or recuperating from an illness
  • You prefer not to have pet sitters enter your home
  • You want to treat your cat to a top of line vacation at a cats only exclusive resort!

At Palm Meow your cat will receive the following services :

  • Twice daily individualized play sessions and exercise in the toy filled play area
  • Daily brushing along with cat massage
  • Cat videos to keep your feline friend entertained
  • Classical music played throughout the day to help create a relaxed atmosphere
  • Medication administration if needed
  • Access to veterinary care 24 hours daily in affiliation with local veterinary hospital only 10 minutes from Palm Meow, Inc.
  • Individual diets can be accommodated
  • Food, litter and toys provided along with lots of TLC

Cat Boarding Services Application Click to Download .pdf (24kb)

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