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Cat Retirement Planning

Cat Retirement Planning is a new concept in life long care for your cat after you are no longer able to provide for your beloved pet due to circumstances such as a nursing home placement or passing away. Cat Retirement provides cat owners a beautiful home like environment in which their cats can get lots of love and attention as they live out their final years after their owner is no longer able to care for them. Life long planning ensures that a cat owner will know exactly where their cats will live, what services their pets will receive and that all their needs will be cared for through the placement of their cats at Palm Meow, Inc.

"Pet Trusts" and Estate Planning assist caring pet guardians to make sure to set aside monies to provide life long care for their pet in a safe and loving environment.

Resources on Retirement Planning for your Pet include:

  • "When your Pet Outlives You, Protecting Animal Companions after you Die," by David Congalton and Charlotte Alexander.
  • "PerPETual Care: Who Will Look After Your Pets If You're Not Around?" by Lisa Rogak.
  • For Information on Establishing a Pet Trust contact Attorney Fred Hochsztein in Hollywood Florida, at 954-925-0833

The following is from a letter written by Ella & Steve, Owners of Palm Meow, Inc. to a potential customer:

The idea for our business came from our own life experience. As "cat people" for over twenty years we began to worry about what might happen to our cats if we could no longer care for them. Friends, relatives and neighbors often do not want the burden of long term care of other people's pets.

As we began to do research we found that there were not many places where one could place cats for life long care after the owner passes away or can no longer care for their pets. We also found there were few places to board cats' long term in a cat's exclusive resort.

We then set up a Pet Trust as part of our estate planning to make sure monies would be put aside to care for our beloved cats after we are gone.

From there we decided to start our own business called Palm Meow, Inc. We have operated a premier cats only boarding and cat retirement facility located in sunny south Florida for the past two years. Services provided include medication administration, individualized playtime, specialized diets, daily brushing and lots of love and attention. We pride ourselves on offering individualized care for every cat that comes to Palm Meow, Inc.

Life Long Care Services Application Click to Download .pdf (24kb)

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